Camp I AM U – It’s all Made Up (formerly DC not Washington)


2014 was the fourth year Camp IAMC (formerly DC not Washington) headed to Black Rock City.  Our goal is to be an embassy to represent all the amazing and different kinds of people and talent DC, our town, has to offer, in contrast to all the assumptions people have when they think of Washington, which is not our town.  We had 47 members representing MD, VA, DC and even NY on playa this year. We were the on playa location for the DC Container, expanding to two ginormous shipping containers this year. We were also the home base camp for the DC CORE Project.

We continued the tradition of being a space that brings people together and offered even more spaces and infrastructure to collaborate with and co-host more and different kinds of events, art, whatever as a gift to the Burning Man community. To make this real, we exist to Black Rock City as a platform and ‘extra space’ where unscheduled, if not completely random, things can happen. This means we bring capacity and infrastructure, such as a multi-story scaffolding structure (what’s a DC embassy without a rooftop bar? Please.), multi-source (solar, wind and gas) electric power, water provisioning (sinks, showers) and waste water management (filtering, evaporation). In addition to this offering BRC some unexpected capacity, it mainly means camp members have a fantastic place to eat, drink, relax, sleep, chill, connect and have personal space – a home when you are home.  

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Hey Darrell.  Here's the new descripton of IAMU, pulled from


It’s All Made Up, formerly DCnotWashington, is a Burning Man camp and collaborative community that lives to create.  Once you do something, it’s hard to believe that you can’t.  So we create experiences, tools, services, connections and opportunities that help each of us get the transformations we are up to.  That can be anything.  For fun.

On Playa we are sister camp to Camp 88 and Pedal Pies in the DC Home Rule Village located at 4:45 between C & D.  We organize the DC Containers and our charter Burner Express bus.  We also aim to design and build an amazing camp that lets anyone be the best you that you are.  Maybe that means authenticity, improv, forgiveness, dancing, art, spinning… or a rooftop bar.

Back in DC, NYC and SF, we connect Burners and all manner of creators who are up to making their lives, cities, projects and ventures better, more real.  For fun.  Quality trouble.  Because we can.  We all can.