Burning Man for Beginners

Throughout the year
Washington, DC
DC Area Burner Events
Event Description: 
DC hosts 3-4 Burning Man for Beginners workshops each year for new burners who want to go to burning man. We cover: ○ The 10 Burning Man Principles ○ Finding a place to camp ahead of time (Theme Camps, or not) ○ Tickets / Early arrival Passes ○ Packing Lists ○ Bikes ○ Traveling to the West (Driving vs. Flying) ○ Getting to the Black Rock Desert ○ Entering the city (Gate/Will Call/Greeters) ○ City Infrastructure ○ City Services (Rangers/ESD/DPW/Center Camp) ○ What Where When ○ Burning Man Lingo ○ Burning Man Fashion ○ Burning Man Regional Events, E-mail lists, Happy Hours, Burner Houses, and other local community We are quite clear that we can’t answer all questions during this time, and instead hope to instill a sense of the Burning Man life to attendees, while sharing the places to connect into the burner community and find out more about what they’re interested in. Learn more: washingtondc@burningman.org