Burner Salons

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Washington, DC
DC Area Burner Events
Event Description: 
Would you like to learn more about the incredible people in our community? How about NOT having to shout over a wild crowd of partiers/bar folk? Given that we have some true superstar activists/artists/community builders/generally kick ass people in our community, we’ve organized a continuing event called "The Burner Salon." The idea is simple...one of you agrees to tell us all about what you do and why you do it and the rest of us sit there quietly and listen. We follow that up with Q&A and then can get back to our regular rowdy, noisy selves. Please remember that as this is a Burner event, all the principles are in full effect, particularly the "leave no trace" one! Feel free to bring some drinks and snacks to share, but clean up after yourself like a good citizen. Past Burner Salon participants have included a NASA Scientist, a professional photographer and a DJ who presented an incredible history of electronic dance music.