DC Burners Annual Town Hall

March 1st, 2018


Local 16
1602 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009
United States
Washington, DC
DC Area Burner Events
Event Description: 
It's been a huge year for the DC Burner community on so many fronts. Many challenges and a TON of triumphs. It's like you've been doing this for years. It's JUST like that! For those who have been to this before, it's time for our annual gathering of the area creators and rascals to share and connect. If you are a camp or project or initiative or a thing (to be technical), be thinking about a 1-2 minute and 1 (one, as in, one) slide we can add to the presentation deck (oh, DC) to share as part of the evening. Also, be thinking about making a sign / freak flag so people can find you after we do all that. For those who haven't been to this before, this is an amazing way to get a lay of the land / zoo that is the DC area Burner community. It is a diverse and capable lot, made even more so by the newbies who persistently moved past their questions and doubts about "Am I a Burner?". If you have to ask...every master was a novice. Also, the truth is, the DC area is the second largest Burning Man community IN THE WORLD. That means we are EVERYWHERE. This is our secret underground cabal meeting we don't talk about. Actually that part is not true but it was fun to say. During the event we will spend about 45 minutes on local stuff, 30 minutes on Regional Burns and events, and a final 15 minutes on preparations for Burning Man specifically. After that, we'll spread out and have an unconference (oh, DC) speed dating (oh, DC) mix around and connect with the groups you want to meet kinda thing immediately afterwards. Additionally, we are going to pretend to keep time on the rails which means arrive early, we keep each introduction to 1-2 minutes. Each presenter gets ONE slide. Please submit your slide by February 27th to us at washingtondc@burningman.org. If you absolutely cannot get your slide in by then, we'll be at Local 16 from 5-6pm on the day of the Town Hall to coll ect last minute slides (we'll only include last minute slides from those individuals who are physically already at Local 16 by 6pm). Town Hall kickoff at 7pm. Please note that you can only present if your information is already listed on DCBurners.org, so please include a link to your information posted on that website when you send in your slide. Send info here: washingtondc@burningman.org Additionally, additionally, apparently Transformus tickets will go on sale at 8:00pm. Happily we will be directly above a coffee shop Wifi for those of you who need to handle that. ======= ** Local 16 is 21+. We've been able to bring in under 21 before with special permission, so if you have a younger burner who wants to come, please respond to washingtondc@burningman.org directly and we'll see what we can do.