Incendio e Illuminato

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Incendio e Illuminato is a reimagined Renaissance Garden inspired by the theme “Da Vinci’s Workshop”. The Garden is a highly interactive installation that will entice participants to enter into its world, explore the secrets nurtured within, and interact with a variety of its dynamic features. Participants will find rich symbology within its sculptural elements, and when seen as a whole, a larger pattern to life will be revealed — thus Enlightenment (Illuminato) is possible. Additionally, dusk and dawn will be unique times in the Garden with sets of flowers blooming, while others are closing, reflecting the poignancy that the sun’s coming and going has for each of us living on the playa.


This project includes collaborative work from artists and build teams from multiple regions of the Burning Man network (including Washington, DC; Central OR; and Seattle, WA), allowing the incorporation of a variety of talents from a broad spectrum of our community.

In addition to bringing this complex piece to Burning Man, we will take specific portions of the project to a number of US Regional Burns throughout the year (from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest). This will allow the greater Burner community — especially those who cannot make it to the playa — to experience and participate with various elements of the overall project.

Project Dates: 
Thursday, December 3, 2015 to Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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